Molding Equipment

Manufacturer Model Qty Remarks
Nissei Plastic Industrial PS-10 NC8000 1  
Nissei Plastic Industrial PS-40 NC800-8300 1  
Nissei Plastic Industrial PS-60SE 1  
Nissei Plastic Industrial PS80SE 1  
Nissei Plastic Industrial FN2000/TM 2 Preplasticization-type ultra-high speed filling 1000mm/sec
Sodick Plustech TR100EH 2 Ultra-high speed filling 1500mm/sec 3500kg/cm2
Fanuc α50A 1  
Techno-Plus 4749A 1 World's largest 125Kw horsepower injection
Techno-Plus 4780A 1 Internal mold pressure waveform control
Techno-Plus 5050A 3 Ultra-high speed filling 1000mm/sec
Techno-Plus S5050A 3 Ultra-high speed filling 2000mm/sec
Sumitomo Heavy Industries SE50S 1  

Mold-Making Equipment

Manufacturer Model Qty
Mitsubishi NC electric discharge machine 2
Sodick NC electric discharge machine 1
Mitsubishi NC wire cut electric discharge machine 1
Sodick NC wire cut electric discharge machine 1
Makino NC milling machine 1
Computer Engineering Three-dimensional automatic programming 1
Nissei Plastic Industrial Mold CAD System 1
Makino Milling machine 2
Okamoto Surface grinder 1
Kuroda Surface grinder 1
Nikko Forming grinder 1
Ensyu Milling machine 1
Washino Lathe 1
Yasda Precision Tools CNC jig boring machine 1
Seiko Instruments Three-dimensional CAD VISI series 1
Sodick NC wire cut discharge machine 1
Sodick Fine hole drilling 1

Measuring Equipment

Manufacturer Model Qty Remarks
Tokyo Optical Measuring Device 1  
  Data Processing Machine 1  
Nikon Projector 1  
Osaka Seimitsu Gear Inter-meshing Testing Machine 2  
Osaka Seimitsu JIS Gear Measuring Device 1 GC-IHP Type
Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine 1 BRT-A707 S4 System
Kosaka Laboratory Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument 1 SE-2300 (Motorized)
Tokyo Seimitsu Roundness and Cylindricity Measuring Instrument 1 Roundcom41C
Mitutoyo Contour Measuring Device 1  
  Measuring tools and gauges 1 set