Flexibility in different types and quantity such as prototype molds, small lots, and mass production.

Materials Used for Molds

Super-engineering plastics (e.g. PI, PEEK, PES, PPS, and PA)

General-purpose engineering plastics (POM, PET, PBT, PC, LCP, and PA)

Accepted CAD Data Formats


Processing Technology

Ultra-Precision Molding Technology

In ultra-precision super-engineering plastic molds, there is a fine relationship between the refined mold manufacturing technology and the exceptional molding technology. at Nichiei, we are able to fuse these two processing technologies; thereby enabling the stable mass production of highly functional and ultra-precise parts. High performance is achieved by subsitution of metallic parts.

"Examples of Processed Products"

For example:

  • [Bearing Molds]… Achieved mass production with outer diameter:φ20mm, inner diameter: φ5mm, material: POM, and coaxility: 5μm.
  • [Gear Molds]… Achieved stable mass production with helical gears of JIS-1 and JGMA-0 grades.
  • [Molds of Highly Functional Parts]… Molds of ultra heat-resistant and ultra wear-resistant parts.

Mold Design and Manufacture

We are engaged in the design and manufacture of molds with the perception that “the ultimate cost contributor is the stable injection molding of ultra-precision parts”. Molds on a micron level which is built with high functionality and long life in mind, have a high reputation of being the origin of ultra-precision molded parts that are used in a variety of cutting-edge fields.

"Mold Design Environment"

We listen to the requirements of our customers, such as the precision and materials required of their molds, and offer the optimal structural design for their molds.

"Mold Manufacturing Environment"

In order to realize ultra-high precision machining of a sub-micron level, we have a comprehensive line-up of high-end machining tools, such as jig boring machines and wire electric discharge machines. Additionally, in order to maximize its potential, we use our proprietary know-how to provide mold machining with high productivity.

Prototypes of New Development Projects

Shorter development time and, of course, the accompanying shortening of the lead time to market. Higher performance is also demanded in the prototypes. It is important that a number of evaluations are performed in a short amount of time prior to migrating to mass production. At Nichiei, prototypes do not involve any cutting, but instead, they are created by injection molding to enable a smooth transition to mass production.


We at Nichiei have a wealth of knowledge and experience with respect to characteristics of and the matching of shapes, precision, and mold materials. We can also offer proposals based on optimal productivity. We can help you even if you are in your early stages of development. We look forward to hearing from you.