We redefine conventional wisdom with our ultra precision injection molding technology for super engineering plastics!

Our creed is to always provide “surprising value” through monozukuri craftsmanship that can only be created by taking on new, difficult challenges.


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Technical Strengths

Ultra Precision Injection Molding Technology

We are specialized in super engineering plastic materials such as PEEK, PAI, and PBI. Using our unique injection molding technology, we have realized both high functionality and lighter weight in ultra precision bearings, gears, and various mechanical parts.
In addition to providing metal substitute value engineering in various industrial fields, we have earned a high degree of trust for our mass production reliability.

Mold Processing Technology

In terms of mother tool molds for the initial stage of manufacturing, we do consulting from the development stage, and promote it through an integrated in-house system, from design to processing, with the aim of realizing ultra-precision and high-performance molded products.
With a view toward making a smooth transition to the molding process, we have achieved advanced and optimized mold manufacturing.

Quality Assurance

We have introduced a full lineup of various high-end inspection and measurement equipment to achieve high performance in ultra-precision molding.
We have also established a system for total inspection using our own automation technology, and we are fully committed to supplying molded products that can be reassuring.

Research and Development

With the aim of realizing unprecedented super engineering plastic molded products, we conducting creative R&D that “rewrites the conventional wisdom”.

Processing Examples

Here we introduce the performance of ultra-precision molding technology with an example of a high-precision, fine-detail sample

Processing Examples